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Outstanding, punctual as stated by the gardeners, superb pre-meeting correspondence. Happy with how it looks now and reserved for a monthly trimming schedule.

  • Zach Stewart

Superb level of workmanship, the paving is done expertly and the team has a friendly and respectful attitude towards clients. I highly endorse them for any paving task. Their work exceeded my expectations!

  • Emma P.

As satisfied customers of Roehampton Landscapers, we can attest to their excellence and confidently suggest hiring them again for any paving needs, including the project they recently completed in our backyard.

  • Marian Scott

Despite the tough task at hand, these gardeners tackled it with ease and delivered outstanding results.

  • Victor S.

This team truly knows how to turn an ordinary space into something extraordinary.

  • I. Gray

We were thoroughly impressed by their exemplary work and timely delivery, leaving us extremely pleased.

  • Shawn B.

I highly recommend them for any gardening job - they are hardworking and always considerate.

  • Linnet

Roehampton Landscapers is the only patio cleaning company you should use. I've tried quite a few in the region and nobody is as good as these.

  • Paula Turner

There are more than a few gardening maintenance services in the region but most are quite expensive. Roehampton Landscapers has fairly reasonable prices and do good work. I recommend them.

  • Patrick O.

I'm totally in love with the new fence that was constructed in my garden by their landscape gardeners. It's exactly what I was after. GardenersRoehampton know how to impress.

  • K. Lakeman

I've lost count on the number of people who've commented on how great my garden looks. The landscape gardeners really do have magic in their fingers. Based on the service, it's fair to say that Gardening Companies Roehampton are themselves a magic company.

  • Phil A.

As far as I'm concerned there is not a better landscaping company than Roehampton Landscapers on the planet!

  • Tammy K.

I have Roehampton Landscapers to thank for my garden being cleared. I wasn't able to do it myself so I turned it over to the professionals. Their team were able to shift all junk from my garden without any problems and did the garden clearance job quickly.

  • Alice Angel

Gardeners Roehampton are very talented and the staff there work very hard. I've hired them for my own garden clearance and for my parents', and both times they did an outstanding job. It's good value, a good service and they have good staff. Perfect for me!

  • Will

If you want to re-design your garden then I recommend GardenersRoehampton for professional garden design. The made my garden look absolutely fantastic with their affordable services. All the garden teams were friendly, the work was done thoroughly and the results were brilliant. I can't fault such a dependable and high-quality service!

  • William D.

Roehampton Landscapers and the team that took care of my garden maintenance did an excellent job that was faultless in every aspect. They were prompt, reliable and incredibly helpful, helping me to understand the cost of everything, what was needed and exactly what I was paying for. They're a trustworthy bunch of gardeners and come together to form a well-oiled machine.

  • Frank C.

I had never called in a professional team for patio cleaning before so I wasn't quite sure that to expect. I called in Roehampton Gardeners to see what they could do for me and when they finished I was enormously impressed. They worked quickly, yet thoroughly, so my patio was cleaned in no time and I got the best result. This was the first time I hired them but it won't be the last.

  • Simon Gillan

Thanks to Roehampton Gardeners for providing me with a speedy, neat, tidy and professional service. I will definitely use their company again for the big and small jobs I need done and because the price is very affordable, I won't feel guilty about calling them up whenever needed. They definitely get a big thumbs up from me and I'm happy to give them my recommendation.

  • Mark Fitzpatrick

When we decided to travel abroad for a year, we hired Roehampton Landscapers for lawn maintenance. Since we loved the landscaping that we had invested in, it would have been a shame to let it grow wild. They took care of the garden while we were away. We were pleased to return to a beautifully maintained lawn. It looked gorgeous, thanks to the beautiful flowers the team planted. Thank you for the fabulous service.

  • Timothy and Zack

Roehampton Gardeners and their team of gardeners are a dependable team. I recently hired them to sort out my lawn, which was looking a little worse for wear after the months of neglect that it had suffered. They sorted it out without any problems and did so quickly and efficiently. I'll definitely be calling them again in the future.

  • Bob

I don't know why it is but my weeds always seem to grow better than the plants I would love to keep! I use Gardening Companies Roehampton for my weed control. They use eco-friendly products to remove weeds and prevent them growing back. They've also given me some great tips for making my garden look nicer.

  • T. Hellen

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